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As the models of automatic transmission are convenient to drive on urban roads, the share is increasing. However, the structure of automatic transmission is complex compared with manual transmission. Once damaged, the maintenance process is more difficult. The maintenance process of automatic transmission can be divided into the following three steps.
Before disassembling the automatic transmission, it is necessary to find out whether there is a corresponding automatic transmission model in stock. It is not recommended to disassemble it immediately if it cannot be guaranteed that there are sufficient vulnerable parts and necessary replacement parts.
Drain the transmission oil first, remove the USB flash disk, and check the impurities of the residual oil. Under normal circumstances, the dark brown or brown powder is the wear of the clutch plate, and the bright white metal powder is the wear of the oil pump, one-way clutch and gear mechanism, so as to further judge the fault of the car.
During disassembly
Due to the limitation of the shape and position of the underbody, it is often insufficient to remove the gearbox directly from the rear of the engine. The reliable way is to lift it from the vehicle together with the engine.
When the automatic transmission is pulled away from the engine, it shall be pulled along the axial direction to rotate in the forward and reverse directions around the axis, but it shall not swing up, down, left and right, so as not to damage the surface condition and fit of the connection between the input shaft of the automatic transmission and the hydraulic coupler or torque converter.
Disassembly and assembly
First, prepare tools and small boxes containing various parts, disassemble them on a clean and flat console, start from the front oil pump, from front to back, step by step from outside to inside, and make records.
During disassembly, it must be remembered that crowbars and irons cannot be used to directly knock, because most of the automatic transmission shells are made of aluminum alloy. When disassembling the hydraulic control valve body, it is to prevent the ball and snap ring from falling to the ground when the upper and lower valve bodies are separated. Remember the correct position accurately. Pay attention to the correct assembly direction when disassembling the one-way clutch, and do not reverse the assembly. Wash the parts with gasoline after disassembly, Ensure that all components are clean.
If new clutch plates and brake pads are replaced, they shall be soaked in the transmission oil and assembled only after sufficient oil is absorbed. In addition, it must be noted that the screws shall be tightened in strict accordance with the specified torque during assembly.
Most of the failures of the automatic transmission are caused by improper use of the vehicle owner. Some vehicle owners always think that the automatic transmission oil does not need to be replaced and the automatic transmission water does not need to be ignored, resulting in more and more damage to the transmission and even scrapping. In order to ensure the driving safety of the majority of car owners, you must use the vehicle correctly during normal driving. Once the vehicle has problems, you must send it to a professional company for inspection and maintenance in time to avoid serious problems!

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